i write good and funny sentences: dropping facebook bombs

Nothing gets my juices boiling like a well-placed comma, dash, or semicolon (or lack thereof).

In short, I LOVE a good sentence.  The beauty of the online world is that there’s gold in them texts, emails, comments and posts.  Check out the excerpts below from my various online wanderings.  Some are funny, some are stupid, some are deep, some are shallow, and all are sentences (despite the fact that they don’t always have periods)…READ MORE

little sentence victories

You’ve got to savor the little victories, because the big ones are rare and defeat is common.  Some sentences are just more satisfying than others.  Sentence nerds, you know where I’m at.  It’s that witty sentence, known to none but yourself, tucked away in a school paper or work email.  These are the ones that get us through the day…READ MORE

components of a will

If you ask me, it’s a bit anti-climatic: A life’s work, boiled down to semantics….READ MORE

dear time

Time, you are no friend of mine.  It’s the eve of my 25th birthday and I sit quietly alone.  Breathing carefully, I softly roll the bud between my fingers.  The candles are blown, the night is still, and a quarter of my life has passed me by.  Time, you didn’t even get me a gift…READ MORE

donald mac: in a nutshell

I have plenty of stories to tell, but not enough time to tell them. Why? Simple. Stories take too long to tell. Plus, they require too much. In the time it takes to tell a tale worth telling, you could have updated your facebook, posted a picture on instagram (receiving at least five likes, no less), tweeted an insult at Chris Brown AND called someone on youtube a faggot.

So instead of hearing a story, I typically hear requests to speed it up. Summaries, gists, abbreviated versions, to which I reply, no, I won’t tell a story in a nutshell. Call it my artistic crusade…READ MORE

in this finite life, we must go forth and make

We are different from the rest of the animal kingdom.  From nothing we create something.  We fill empty pages with words, blank walls with murals, and silent rooms with music.  Perhaps this is our natural drive, for we are the tool-making animal and there just may be a little bit of god, the creator, in us all.

Blessed with reason, humans and the authors among them, are cursed by the understanding that death punctuates the only existence they know.  Whether that mark be a period, comma, semi-colon, or exclamation, will likely remain forever within the province of belief and faith…READ MORE

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