lazy bums

Mike Slozano is long, lanky, and quite possibly the world’s most lazy man.

His laziness is not to be confused with slovinliness of the person or space. His is an art form, his most elevated state: barely there.  Leaving no trace, he likes to think.  And does, for the most part.  But Slozano’s laziness can be a vortex to the ill-equipped.  And, it is the number one personality trait leading toward voluntary homelessness.

There is a realm, mostly men, of lazy bums.

On Monday, November 20, 2017, a man named Bernard Odell appeared in the State District Court in Downtown Honolulu.  He was there to register a car he inherited from a pal.  Bernard explained to the judge that the former owner and Bernard are members of the homeless culture.  Not community.  Culture.