go out and live today and tell me how it felt
I’ll be bullshitting with Icarus until I’m allowed to melt
he lets me fly when it’s night time, and that’s a hand a coward’s dealt
but if it’s Now or Knelt I’ll always choose the moon from its clouded veldt

waxing crescent wax poetic, masters degree but I can’t master effort
pillory salt propensity – please pass the pepper
leagues back my granddad shook hands with lepers
now all I got are trite words – nothing lasts forever

relapsed pretender of finding honor in searching
through the wrinkles between freedom’s lies and honest internment
wandering merchant, wasting time still pondering purpose
while I wait in the checkout line to buy some laundry detergent

go on to the surface, don’t look down. nothing really matters if
dissecting X factors just establishes more asterisks
go ahead and laugh at this, pack a bowl and have a rip
the pastor’s boy’s a masochist, pass the plate and crack the whip
nothing ever happens. it’s, all lost in the aggregate

the eucharist is useless if the flesh is whet from bruises sipped
taste the irony of blood – close your eyes, get used to it
feel the spirit when the music hits, the exploration’s lost at sea
while every hope and dream you have is whittled down to “possibly”
theodicy idiocracy, an apoplectic apology
the end is near, own it – live life on the edge of an apostrophe

if I’m being modest, these days I feel like a dead man
till I re-read what I wrote and realize I’m just suspended in quicksand
more alive than dead but still somewhere in stasis
mind is always elsewhere but I can’t manage to place it
to say it’s a spaceship is bullshit, this isn’t space it’s a pulpit
and I’ve been finding I have less and less to say in adulthood
so I pretend that it’s all good – Monday will be better this time
cuz knowing nothing is dope
as long as I can dress it in my cleverest rhymes

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