I Used to Write Haikus (here are some)

Not that I have vowed never to do so again or anything. It’s just been a while. Actually, upon digging these up, it made me want to write some more.

I digress.

These were all written in spring of 2011, when I was writing anything and everything, in either online competitions or simply out of boredom. The haiku was a fun format to play around with. Granted, the actual literary tradition is pretty nebulous to me beyond the 5-7-5 syllable count (which, to my knowledge, is a somewhat bastardized version to begin with). So read these with the caveat that I was basically interpreting a syllabic restriction, as opposed to actually learning the process, art, or craft of haiku.

Here are three. Enjoy or (briefly) endure.

Solitary con
Fine meant he needed no one
The “self” illusion

pockets of receipts
just enough to flint a flame
past burns worn for warmth

tiny arms outstretched
spell a word they can’t define
but know without thought