The Do-nothing Man and the Search for Paradise

The do-nothing man once sought paradise.

He looked high and low for the perfect job, the perfect girlfriend, and the perfect place to call home–a search familiar to us all.  This was no simple task.  No, this was a quest demanding exercise of the utmost scrutiny.  Every twist and turn required diligent inquiry into the degree of perfection to which the particular subject possessed.  For, like you and I, the do-nothing man was short on time.  There wasn’t a moment to lose.

On his great journey, his search for paradise, the do-nothing man did quite a lot.  God forbid, he reminded himself often, should he end up with less-than-perfect.  There was no point, he reasoned, of bothering with less-than-ideal because it left too much room for wanting more.  He wanted to be satiated, full to the point of uncomfort, because, at that point, there is no doubt and no nagging uncertainty.  Just full.

But, over time, perfection eluded him.  Surely, he had thought, I will get better at looking and then I will find.  But, he did not.  His world was riddled with flaws and he was exceptional at finding them.  Everything that was perfect at first blush was simply concealing its flaws or was soon rendered un-perfect by external forces.  So, over time, the do-nothing man grew to do very little.

In his waning days the do-nothing man did less-than very little and ultimately, did nothing.  In his second to last act, the do-nothing man wondered whether less-than-perfect would have actually been perfect.  Fitting, he then thought, as his very last act, I have finally found perfection, in nothing.

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