Astronomical Dreams



“All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer by the stars.” – Rush, The Pass

in the beginning our existence was akin to a black void
then it happened – a crash of platinum and iridium alloys
since then the tune of evolution has been written from that noise
as life stemmed from the materials delivered on asteroids
some call it coincidence, some divine intervention
either way it seems to be a hopeful cry for attention
so take a little dipper in the pool of Ursa Minor’s reflection
and realize we’re looking home when we read the skies for direction

but now Orion’s perplexed and Andromeda’s furrow-browed
as they tippy-toe to poke their nose above the walls of a burning cloud
this smog could be solved if we were able to turn around
but we can’t – we’re in line for the iphone cuz the upgraded version’s out
what was once a staple of discovery is choking in small seams
we’ve relegated the heavens to what most of us call “dreams”
the void has returned in the form of issues never resolving
a new darkness is upon us: Man, the measure of all things

humanity is damned – it’s Malthusian principle
since the peak of population’s been confused with our pinnacle
now the internet is getting us foolishly cynical
look, even the Mayan calendar is moving to digital
we all got our problems – mental or physical – from Rasputin to Sitting Bull
though plenty red flags are waving we construe them as indigo
cuz our mood is our citadel: a tumor is minuscule
if there’s no blood then fuck it, that wound isn’t critical!
so chew on this riddle next time you chew your McGriddle
how famine for the masses means a feast for few individuals
respect to Buddha and Jesus, and Confucius’ teachings, but the truth is more visceral
the places food is allocated is what humans are driven to

and this movement is cyclical, don’t even bother to run
cuz the sins of the father are reincarnate in sons
amongst celestial bodies, we’re what the bodies become
but the sum of the parts is only part of the sum
we like to think of ourselves as the heart or the lung
but in this galaxy, reality’s we’re just the gargling tongue
the divisions and mistakes that we live with and embrace
are indications of the monumental carnage we’ve done
a terrorist for many is a martyr to some
and when we label each other – that’s what we start to become
yet we’re lauded and applauded for the scars that we’ve won
it’s a curse, so further into darkness we plunge
if we could only know that every star is our sun
then maybe we’d remember: we are all one