“winning isn’t everything, and this is not a race.” – Aceyalone


make sure baby hears Vivaldi, stimulate the brain
from the womb to the tune, they all syncopate the same
don’t be confused by the blues, it’s the incubator blame
mommy’s special little parasite to blink away the pain
into bottom-heavy hourglasses, a growing pendulum stencil –
make sure it’s a water birth so baby’s entrance isn’t stressful.
nothing meant as disrespectful, it’s all mental/menstrual but it’s central
giving birth gives a purpose: the ultimate existentialist credential.
Such a pleasant instrumental! Songs to usher in new life
To the rhythm of KEEP PUSHING with groans to puncture the mood right
What a beautiful sight, keep moving till you run to the light –
The first notes of your existence: sounds of some woman crying


The table with genetics, buffet of character traits
While environment decides how much of what’s on the plate
combined they’re some kind of fate, do your best to prepare
Life’s a formative test – there’s not a second to spare!
Give her the fundamentals – strong reading and math
Consistent discipline the compass for her to keep on the path
to succeed or to laugh? now that’s just silly, inane
think of Achilles – why do you even know Achilles’ name?
even Icarus would be ridiculous if he didn’t try to fly to the sun
so don’t get straddled by distractions – there’s a life to be won


off into the world, use your mind and your heart
explore man’s noblest pursuits, science and art
horizons will part, the world is yours if you take it
So long as you follow new ideas instead of different faces
Emotions strip you naked, happiness is a fleeting endeavor
But accomplishment lasts forever!
…or at least for as long as your descendants can remember
So at every chance you better keep your kids in accordance
But never let connections with them get in the way of what’s important…

beautiful sight, move to the light! You’ll be a memory for compliance
Now some other woman crying – but the final note of your existence: silence
Statues will be your goodbye to the world, your sizable wealth
That’s the easy part, but how will you say goodbye to yourself?
No people anymore. Oh prayer of night be this new song
Echoes reverberate, but who is going to miss you?