End of Year Lesson Plan

This is a verse I wrote while teaching second grade.

After a science lesson, a student asked me a rather poignant question that attempted to reconcile the idea of God with modern science. Of course, 7 year olds often ask questions and make comments unknowingly aware of how intelligent the implications are, so my mind raced to answers that my mouth filtered out. Here is where I went:

I hippie-flipped my way out of believing in God
nature’s sacred geometry revealing secretive thoughts
patterns of evens and odds within matter from Venus to Mars –
I never felt Him like I felt that summer breeze in the park.
egos enlarge as a courtesy of modest remarks
humanity’s lodged in these kinds of paradoxical scars
but what’s the cost of it all? is the meaning of life lost or resolved?
cuz I still can’t quantify the feeling of the frost when it thaws
impossible odds – survival’s a reflection of competence
ability to organize and sexual dominance
intellectual prominence, man’s malevolent overthrow
through better inventions or managed levels of cortisol
mental, emotional, our existence is faceted
a metaphysical map exposed with little analysis
the many avenues we travel as decisional catalysts
whether genetic expression or memorized Biblical passages.
the mystic, miraculous! from healings to demonic possession
demystified in minutes of some honest inspection
patriarchal lobotomies – social yonic suppression
and the myth that our actions result in karmic perfection
we starve for affection. It’s a flaw too simple to grasp
but made abundantly obvious through all the kids in my class
a hollow glimpse at the past to watch them follow innocent paths
then turn around and ask if God’s a solid, liquid or gas –
now I’m torn…do I answer with a sob, a riddle, or laugh?
so I pause and live in the past – an emotional statue
the Colossus of nostalgia with no Rhodes to attach to.
the laws of motion distract, too, I didn’t even notice it’s past 2
till I heard a snap as someone asked – “Mr. Donald, now can I go to the bathroom?”

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