10 ghosts of sentences passed

Refrigerator review time.  Here are some of my favorite sentences from the last year in blogging:

1) Life’s been one upgrade after another, a beta-version purgatory that knows no satisfaction. (link)

2) There may be more to that itch than meets the fingers. (link)

3) If we weren’t supposed to use our brains, evolution would have phased them out eons ago. (link)

4) Simplicity: It’s a matter of reducing the levels of friction that result in abandonment of cause. (link)

5) Relax. Judges are people. And so are lawyers (subject to some exceptions). (link)

6) Because the thing is, if you only focus on the odors and shady teenagers, you’ll miss the beauty of the forest through the trees.  Riding the bus can be a beautiful thing. (link)

7) Where reputation reigns, you are what others think you are. (link)

8) To those who incessantly worry about high fructose syrups and red meats, I ask, are you trying to live forever? (link)

9) With the Internet in our pockets, we may never be lost again. We live at the speed of information, but has life adjusted accordingly? (link)

10) Bolggin ain’t easy.  Well, it sort of is, but when you spend 8-9 hours a day at work staring at a computer screen, the last thing you wanna do when you get home is sit in front of another one.  If only someone could figure out how to write without using a computer…oh, wait, yea…I suppose there’s the old pen and paper.  But the only posting I can do with those relics is on the fridge door. (link)


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