Cheap poison and heavy pouring hands: paradise for escapists.

Couldn’t ask for a better bar.  There’s additional, non-bar seating so it’s a actually bar and lounge.  The high concentration of wood and wall adornments — photographs and paintings tastefully curated as a homage to the feminine form — also qualify it as a tavern.

Opaque plastic strips hang from the entrance doorframe, commonly used in warehouse entry ways to keep dust and insects out while allowing people and equipment to pass through.  But the strips here function differently.  These strips facilitate the infiltration of flys and dirt, and keep the judging world from peering in.

The lighting is always the same.  Dim.  Noon and midnight are indistinguishable.  Alcohol temporarily erases the past and future, casting its momentary spotlight on the stage of the present.  In this light, celebrity bar flys tap-dance and tell jokes.  They once had bucket lists, except after some contemplation, decided such lists were too hopeful.  Drinkers, I suppose, are simply realists without gardens to tend to.