Animal Spirits

Ernest Hemingway once said “always do sober what you said drunk; that will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” Me, as a modern day millennial, figured I could do one better than that. Yeah, you heard me. Who needs literary genius when you have unflinching bravado. In any case, here is my take on that quote.


the human animal: a candle to the sun of existence
but so wonderfully gifted! 
imagination with dexterity of thumbs to enlist it
but in the slums of its systems there is something amiss -
cliffs of slumbering id amidst its sunken abyss
a brisk and fumbled description – slip and stumble a bit
into the colorless eclipse you glimpse from under your lids.
friction once you begin, but sit, discover and listen -
what I’m trying to say is stay and come get drunk for a minute

a humble monkey’s descendant, hyper-bred to the apex
practicing safe species survival instead of safe sex
from the trees and mountain havens to ravines and down to plains
we achieved a clout and range till there was no scent of an ape left

if the heavens had placed bets, we’d have been long shots 
completely helpless for years, too weak to be on top
whether predators, famine, or diseases that hauled off
our people – it’s no secret that our species had gone soft
…except for one deceivingly strong spot that still exists
building shit – more important than the primal, driving will to live
the way we dominate nature – rape, skin and pillage it
our ability to mentally tame our inner-wilderness 

picture this: a world of people drowning in their own hopes just to breed
for the most part yeah they know where to pee, but when they do they go all over the seat
they put on a show just to meet people that could potentially mate
and determine if they’re a worthy person off their scent and their shape
where self-expression is native – if they said it they meant it -
sounds like either Cro-Magnon caves…or every bar or club you’ve ever attended

so talk shit, scratch your nuts, drink till every bitch is a compatible mate
feast/fuck/fight and flee till the world becomes your own planet of apes
and for a man of your make, I impart the final wisdom of this little bar
always do sober what you said drunk -
that’ll teach you how much you’ve forgotten what you really are